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Unique. Unmatched. Extraordinary. The production TOMCAR has all these qualities and many more. From its origins as a fast, tough, off road military vehicle, TOMCAR has evolved into an ultra-functional, durable and versatile machine fit for commercial and private use in the most demanding conditions.  Like the abuse Baja can dish up.  TOMCAR is designed and built to a professional grade standard, with a design that uses the highest quality materials and components. From its immensely strong, fully-welded steel tube chassis to its heavy duty four-wheel independent suspension, the TOMCAR is designed to be safe, rugged and extremely dependable.  Baja Rock Pirates further complements each vehicle with full face helmets wired for communications facilitating communications between between passengers and between vehicles, onboard GPS with built in mapping, onboard VHF radio and per group satellite tracking and texting between your team and the world.

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